Tuesday, 6 November 2012

At Home With Henry

Hi Everyone!

My human mum's just given me the go ahead to write my own stuff on here...well she mentioned something about a hay bale -  it sounds right up my alley!

So what can I tell you about myself? I'm a Welsh Cob x Thoroughbred gelding, turning eight next year. I have been with my current family since I was just a little furry seven month old baby. One day I went on a trip in a metal box on wheels and found myself at a new home. Since that day, my paddock mate Bones has been the boss of me. Even now, when I go back into the paddock with him, I have to bow down to the master and mouth at him to show my respect. Sigh! I get tired of this little ritual, but it makes Bones feel important, so I keep doing it. 

When the two-leggeds first bought me, I know I was the topic of some derision. One of my mum's family members saw a photo of me and asked her "what did you buy THAT for?". 

When I was little
Hmmpf! I haven't forgotten that, so each time this person tries to have a ride on me, I make sure I give them curry! What did you buy *that* for, indeed! Truth be told, my mum bought me because she was unable to get her TB mare in foal to a Welsh Cob stallion like she had planned. I feel very lucky she picked me, as otherwise who else would feed me all the time...and put up with my so-called 'misbehaviour'? I am lucky she has a very good sense of humour. 

Apparently, between the ages of two to four I was classed as "difficult" and "naughty"....oh those times in my life were tough! Before I could be ridden, I had to spend ages in the torture chamber (a.k.a the roundyard) and then moved onto The Rectangle (what the two leggeds call an arena. Bones informs me that Sand Rectangles are invented as an advanced form of torture to horses!). Fortunately for me, Mum discovered early into my education that I was not really trying to be bad, but I had nasty sharp little teeth that needed to come out and a flat back that needed the right saddle. Since those discoveries, we get along really well. I know my mum has a soft spot for me. 

So, what are my favourite things?

I've made a bit of a list. 

1. Food. I think anyone with Cob heritage puts this right up on their list of important things. I get hungry all the time! Carrots are one of my favourites. If I see anyone waving carrots, I have to canter up and beat all the other horses to them! To look as good as I do, you have to keep eating! Besides, I am orange, carrots are orange - so we're a match made in heaven! 

This is my "Polly want a cracker" face. It always yields food!
2. Scratches. Gee I get itchy! I love my ears, wither and derriere being scratched. I don't mean to frighten visitors, but I like to reverse towards them for a buttock scratch (try scratching your own butt when you have hooves!!). Mum tells me this is very rude and that she is going to install a reversing beeper on me so people have warning when my bum is heading their way. 

3. Keeping watch at the gate! You just never know when something interesting might happen! I always keep an eye on the two leggeds, as they might be a source of #1

 4. Ponies! I LOVE ponies. They are so damn cute. One day I am going to have my own herd of them. I always say hello to ponies wherever I go and try to encourage them to talk to me. I have heard that you can collect My Little Ponies, although Mum did explain to me they are toys, not real ponies. 

5. Jumping. When I am being ridden, this is what I like to do. Although sometimes I don't jump, because of item #6 

6. Shying. I love to have a bit of a spook every now and then! Oh, I always spook at the letter "C" in The Rectangle. And sometimes they put stupid things underneath jumps that are worth a bit of a look.The best variety of shies are those that the rider doesn't see coming. I can move from one side of the arena to the other in less than 0.03 of a second! Jump judges out on the cross country that lurk behind trees are another favourite. I have to be on guard!

Anyway, thanks for reading, I look forward to sharing more with you next time! 

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