Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Lusitano Diaries - Revisited, Part Two

Today has been a fantastic day. This morning I had the opportunity to ride another amazing schoolmaster, Ulysses. He is quite different to ride, but was an excellent teacher, particularly with the piaffe, passage and spanish walk. 

I have ridden piaffe and passage as single movements before, but not put them together, so it was great to experience this. It was also a good test of my reaction time and making my aids clear to the horse - if I didn't get it right, he told me! It made me much more aware of what my body is doing....and also aware of just how much more there is for me to learn!! 

Another fantastic part of today was seeing my youngest sister, Julia, who flew over from Ireland to join me for the weekend. We spent today in Cascais, down by the marina, shopping and tasting the local pastries ;) There was a market in the centre of town with a beautiful carousel - my kids would have loved it! 

Tonight we'll go out for a traditional dinner. Tomorrow, after another ride I'm off to the UK and Julia will stay on to explore Sintra ;)  

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