Friday, 3 May 2013

Horsey Happenings....a much belated edition!

I do apologise for the rather long gap in my blogging. It's fair to say I have had a lot on my plate... and have been a little secretive! I have had all sorts of questions asked of me lately - namely a) why I am not eventing this season b) why Snip is out on lease and c) why the heck do I look a wee bit fat? :-P Henry was indeed onto something in his detective work (see his last blog entry below!). I'm sure it won't take many of you long to join the dots if you haven't already...

There's no hiding the fact I'm now 23 weeks pregnant! Mark and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first child, due late August. I look at the months ahead...May, June, July...August! Eeek, that is going to come around fast! All is going well and now I am past the "ill" stage, I am feeling great!

So aside from 'baking' a new little person, what have I been up to? Over the warmer months I didn't feel overly well, but since we've hit autumn, Henry and I have had a fun time and even tried our hand at dressage. It's not quite the same as being out eventing, but it's been nice to get out and socialise. We recently went to the Avoca ARC dressage day and he went beautifully for me. My main concern was just getting through the day, but he exceeded all expectations and won both Level 3 tests, taking home the L3 Jackpot!

Henry being a VERY good boy! Riding a test with "Junior" aboard

Most of my horsey time recently has been spent coaching, assisting many young (and not so young) riders on the way to their goals. I have also been judging dressage and even got to judge at the recent Midland PCAV Zone Flat and Musical Ride team qualifiers. What great fun!

Snip (aka I'm a Nuisance) has been having a wonderful time with Harriet. They have had a great season so far, recently placing 5th in the Junior Pre Novice at Camperdown. They also placed 2nd at Bacchus Marsh PC HT and 4th at Riddell's Creek PC HT in Grade 1, with fabulous XC rounds! In doing so, they have qualified for PCAV State Horse Trials Championships in Deniliquin this weekend. We wish them the very best of luck - I know they have worked very hard and will give it all they've got.

Harriet and Snip going great guns at Camperdown

From here, I believe Harriet is aiming to compete 1* later in the season, so she will continue to lease Snip until the end of the year. With my change of circumstances, I have sadly decided he will be offered for sale at the conclusion of the lease. Horses like Snip are hard to come by and I am so glad to have had him in my life - he has given me so many opportunities. Alas, it is the start of a new chapter for me, which will mean a lot less time for the competition aspect of riding whilst I focus on my family. Alex (who is now 4 1/2) will also be going to his "Aunty Bert" soon for the next stage of his education, as it is not really the right time for me to be working a green broken horse!

Although things are changing, it is not all sad news. I am excited to announce that I have bought a promising youngster from the well regarded Koyuna Stud. "Ted" aka Koyuna Enchanted is a lovely 2yo - I'm hoping timing wise he'll work out nicely for me to be broken in once I am back in the swing of things post-baby.

The new kid on the block

In the meantime, I'll be plodding around with my darling Henry and travelling around the traps to do more lessons and judging. Resting and doing nothing is not my strong point, but this winter I promise I will try!

Til next time,