Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Horsey Happenings

November is here...

I'm not sure how it's happened, but it appears to be November, or so my calendar tells me. It's been a hectic month. Work has been busy & a lot of things have happened!

First in the way of horsey news - Snip has gone out on lease until the end of 2013. A big decision, but with Alex recently broken in & Henry out competing, I have felt like a hamster on a wheel trying to work three horses around a full-time & a part-time job! As luck would have it, I found a local young rider looking for an eventer...and the rest is history! Snip has been with Harriet for two weeks now and all seems to be going well. 5 days into their partnership, they went off to Bendigo Show, where they placed 3rd in the 90cm class! What a great start - I look forward to seeing their progress together. It will be different looking at eventing from the perspective of an owner rather than rider, but it makes me very happy to seeing someone enjoying and learning with Snip. 

They both look very happy! 3rd in the jumping at Bendigo Show.

The other exciting news is that I recently purchased a pony! Elcarim Starlight (aka Zena) is a New Forest mare who will be a future school pony for my business. We will have an older experienced pony coming soon to commence school pony duties - fun times!  Photos will come soon, I promise! (I really need to get a smart phone of my own so I can do on the spot updates!).

Henry was sidelined for a few weeks after Avenel HT with a cough, so I didn't end up entering Candlebark or Colac Horse Trials this year. This season has been a bit of a quiet one for us and will come to a close with Kyneton PC's event this weekend. I did have thoughts of entering for Lakes and Craters in December, however I don't think we're quite ready for the Prelim there. Next year, next year....I recently took Hen for a dressage lesson with Fiona Dearing from Remote Coach; it is fair to say that he entertained us both with his antics! Although quite capable, Henry thinks dressage is a little dull. He told us how "cool" he was by an interesting series of excited bunny hops after each walk-shoulder in- canter transition! He actually manages the transitions quite well, but then has to throw in a "look, look, did you see me do it?" afterwards!! I can't help but enjoy training him though, as when we get something right, it feels amazing. As he develops, I am feeling him really try for me in training - those little moments make it so rewarding. Straight forward he is not, but there is just something about him that makes me smile. Biased mother? Perhaps. To me, those special shared moments are what it's all about.

I had really been looking forward to working with Alex, however the pesky cough everyone had a few weeks ago is still with him. Another vet visit is inevitable! Speaking of vets, I think we'll get frequent flyer points this month. My dear little Bones had an altercation with a fence that saw him come off second best. He managed to skin above/inside his off fore...but luckily missed tendons & major blood vessels! He is healing well and has been a good patient...well, he'll do anything for carrots or Teddy Bear biscuits. Spoilt boy! 

I really shouldn't write about horse soon as I wrote the above paragraph, Alex appeared to have a fat hind leg - arghhhh! What was I saying about frequent flyer points to the vet this month?! Not sure how he has managed it, but he has a small but deep cut just above the fetlock. A clean up, bandage and AB jab later, he's no worse for wear. I just think it's his way of delaying the process of him becoming an eventer!! Incidentally, Alex turns 4 this week! Happy Birthday Alex. :)
Enjoy Cup Day everyone - have a good one!


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