Monday, 24 December 2012

At Home with Henry - Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Feeling festive! 

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the festive season. I know I am, I have already eaten my way through a bag of carrots and am looking forward to a relaxed day tomorrow. 

This last month has been a busy one for the two leggeds, with all of their end of year functions. It's been a nice month for me too. My brother, George, came over and had a ride with me, which was lots of fun. I love it when friends visit! I have also had a number of different people come and ride me. I don't mind, it is always fun meeting new people and I like showing everyone how I jump. They all seem to know I like eating carrots too and bring some for me each time! Score!

I also now have my very own pony! Her name is Ellie. She can be a bit mean to me and she likes to squeal a lot (women!). But isn't she so pretty?

Ellie is here to give riding lessons to little kids. Mum says it's not long and I will be able to do the same. I am looking forward to it very much, as I love little two leggeds! Whenever I compete at a Pony Club competition, they all come over and pat me. :-)

Mum helped me write a letter to Santa earlier. I hope he finds his way here tonight!

Dear Santa, 

Hi, it's Henry here. I have been really good this year. I know I used to be naughty sometimes, but I am all grown up now, so those days are over! All year I wanted my own pony, but now I have this year, I would like the following: 

A huge bag of carrots. They are my favourite!

As many bales of lucerne as you can fit in! 
(I promise to share with the other horses)

Some new brushes to scratch my itches

Also, please make Alex better. He's had a cough for a while now, it would be nice if he is better in time for the New Year. 

Please bring my two legged family lots of nice things too. 

Lots of love,
Henry xx

I hope Santa brings you everything you want! 
Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a wonderful 2013. 

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