Thursday, 14 March 2013

At Home with Henry

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been a long time between blogs but I don't actually think that's my fault. I blame my two-legged mother for not helping me access the keyboard. She's rarely home, and when she is, she plonks herself in front of the air conditioner and generally is really lazy. How do I know this? I have friend Bones is in the paddock right next to the house and has a good view through the living room window and can see just how much of a couch potato our mother has become....tut, tut! He even calls out to her to entice her outside, but it seems to fall on deaf ears?

I don't really have any exciting tales of competitions to entertain you with, but I have been up to lots. Over the summer, I have had a new friend, Jenna, come and ride me. Jenna is pretty ace. Not only does she seem to like jumping too, but she always brings me carrots when she visits! We did lots of lessons together, including some cross country. It was great fun. 

I have also had a range of other people come to ride me. Apparently I am becoming a "school pony" whatever that means (the same thing that Ellie does, I think, but I get the bigger two-leggeds, not the kids). I don't mind, everyone who visits seems to understand my need to be groomed (ahh, those itchy spots!) and they provide me with lots of carrots, so I just go with the flow. 

I'm not sure what's up with my mother though. Just after Christmas, she complained about feeling sick, then over January she went all funny about doing stuff in the she doesn't ride me over jumps, just sedately rides me around. She was picking on me for getting a bit too fat over summer, but truth be known, I could say the same about her. I'm not sure if it is just me, but I reckon she's starting to develop a bit of a Cob-eqsue figure. I'll be keeping an eye on her. Maybe she should be the one doing laps of the round yard on the lunge instead of me?

Speaking of rumours, I have also heard that Alex is going away on a holiday soon to live with his Aunty for a while. Another sign of our mother's laziness! First Snip disappeared and now Alex...although, I have been reassured I get to stay. Something is definitely time I report I hope to have some answers. 

Over and out 'til next time, 

(Detective) Henry x 

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